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lies & innuendos/stoned to death

you, who dared to cast the first stones that buried you, master of the art of isolation waved your white flag of non-truths and blatant half/whole lies closed your eyes and clicked your heels together and prayed that it would … Continue reading

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reading bukowski just pisses me off

more notes from a dirty old man or cat’s table, the new tome from ondaatje…those were the choices tonite to rock my overly-stimulated, exhausted self to sleep at bedtime…and bukowski won out.  curiosity, mostly…i always find myself reaching for that comforting foray … Continue reading

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I first noticed the presence of her in Amsterdam…a rather plain, overweight woman, struggling up the small, steep staircases of the Hotel Rokin near Dam Centraal.  She, with friendly eyes and a certain warmth in her smile, wrestled an oversized suitcase up the winding staircase and stopped at … Continue reading

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no tell hotel …for marie

just south of  the heart of north beach        past trieste’s lousy sidewalk chairs   slip down grant street’s narrow merging  tip    and watch the show …   carol doda’s lightbulb nipples flashed  on and off and on 24/7  for as long as anyone can remember          their bright day-glo blood red bounces off the southern … Continue reading

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today, berkeley woke up! words for occupy oakland today

today        the children awoke from their        long deadened sleep     today        they rubbed the dried crumbs of apathy from their eyes          today        they woke up from a paralysis  of non-action   they  put down their   electronic gadgetry of the age   for a moment     slipped out from beneath what    has long    kept them mesmerized … Continue reading

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