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beyond a horizon

billy sat beside me like the old days on an old, busted, green pavilion, piss-smelling  venice bench watching the gulls flyin’ into another sunset above the wide span of empty beach i’m broken and sick now from too much livin’ … Continue reading

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toxic compassion

one the latest word is that positive living translates as       better living and extends the longevity of one’s precious life…. in order to achieve this, one is told they must eliminate and purge themselves of all toxicity and negativity        be … Continue reading

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there is a viscious wind

blue skies    crystal clear sparking skies              blue, that shade of blue only found in nests                    nests carefully woven by design with delicate brittle twig            by design                  constructed by tiny beak and claw stitch           perfect to house jelly-bean sized eggs, painted … Continue reading

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landmarks and landmines

most parents earmark their lives and those of their children with memorable events:  first small steps   first words   the feel of tiny arms embracing the mama’s neck in a first hug the first teenage angst filled i hate you  then … Continue reading

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ten outta three ninety nine

three hundred and ninety-nine poems ago there WAS a poet inspired by the greats by life’s adventures by the need to purge and create by slapping word-story onto the page… three hundred and ninety-nine poems on the wall put ém … Continue reading

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the literary landscape

i wonder what the old poets would think of the new literary landscape are there any worthy humans to fill the giants’ shoes?

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the ants go marching..

when i was a little kid, there was this children’s song, remembered from early childhood my mother hosted a morning playgroup in our santa monica backyard, where harried 50’s housewives would gather with their little ones in the mornings before … Continue reading

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