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who knew it had a name a definition                  a condition This “Existential Crisis” now that we realize the cause, what’s the elixir to exist… through it? Is living with the effect like a … Continue reading

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welcome to the world of kings and men in varying states of distorted thinking a planet crying out for help and madmen who have forgotten compassion for humanity welcome to a world where you are loved where you will find … Continue reading

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you start dying slowly-by pablo neruda

you start dying slowly When you do not let others help you. You start dying slowly If you become a slave of your habits, Walking everyday on the same paths… If you do not change your routine, If you do … Continue reading

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a time to mourn

such a time with each passing of our peers, these musical landmarks and heroes defined our youth leaving us with a roadmap connecting the passage of our lives with a lyric, a line a verse or that memorable, amusing or … Continue reading

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letter to fante’s ghost

dear dan at nineteen  circa early 70’s    a displaced island girl came back home to venice for a short visit   questioning home   deceived and wounded again by love     and searching still searching     for the place and time that might … Continue reading

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letter from a wise old woman

Originally posted on Shadowdance:
“I’ve chosen to pick up favorite pens again instead,”  she wrote me.  “It’s the visciousness and cruelty of our current human condition. My choice now is to remove myself from these insipid, whining children of the night.  I…

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the rings and realms of dante’s hell have sprung through earth’s crust        flame and fire    licking             every   surface of august            like a thorough lover humankind and wildlife alike hunger now for release, moisture a cool drink       release and a … Continue reading

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