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sifting through the word bin

in 2009, an invitation was extended to participate in an online writing group called the undeniables.  the gig was: set up a wordpress site and write every day.  always, every day; share it with the group, hopefully have your work … Continue reading

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this is the time of in-between a holding pattern, circling the wait between our dawn and our completion… there are days to settle three-quarter hours to walk in early day’s darkness new light to grow accustomed to hidden currents, carrying … Continue reading

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what sticks

psychotic is different than occasionally manic… sensitivity is vastly different from the darkened caves of depression… as mean-spirited is not akin to friendly banter as criticism laced with another’s perspective is not akin to hatred or visionary prowess… as name-calling is … Continue reading

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our guts tell us the story often before reality has a chance to prove us right or wrong   bad news often wears many colorful masks has the rhetoric down and tells you what you want to hear in order … Continue reading

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thirty-three years

some of us have probably spent the day  rehearsing our stories  tidying and organizing memories and thoughts maybe shuffling through closets wondering what on earth to wear or have spent an afternoon begging macy’s for the perfect fit… i’ve worked … Continue reading

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