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toxic compassion

one the latest word is that positive living translates as       better living and extends the longevity of one’s precious life…. in order to achieve this, one is told they must eliminate and purge themselves of all toxicity and negativity        be … Continue reading

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the muse’s best years

dear readers when traveling through this site                                 please be advised the 2009-2010                          poetry years was when the muse                          was alive and kicking  

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through a glassy-eyed invisible world

what’s false inside recently crawled into the warm arms of what is true sneak in and swallow me catch me in your throat your arms your heart while speaking might prolong a spell each word, old and new lies softly … Continue reading

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all of my senses have been warmed up in this foggy morn heated through by the words, crafted finely by others more savvy at it than i… i have been visually stimulated by digital magic: a photo-stream, a poem, read … Continue reading

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scorching torrid

in the unusual summer’s heat of a day this air, cloaked in  thick, weighted wools                  melts us hour by hour for the last 48 or so             we have been mesmerized by discomfort         muddle-headed, … Continue reading

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