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the unraveling

stop listening to public radio, i told my dear friend this morning stop listening to our favorite brilliant, left-winged commentators expound on the sad state of our world’s affairs while a new war blisters on the horizon as the collateral … Continue reading

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reading bukowski just pisses me off

more notes from a dirty old man or cat’s table, the new tome from ondaatje…those were the choices tonite to rock my overly-stimulated, exhausted self to sleep at bedtime…and bukowski won out.  curiosity, mostly…i always find myself reaching for that comforting foray … Continue reading

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today, berkeley woke up! words for occupy oakland today

today        the children awoke from their        long deadened sleep     today        they rubbed the dried crumbs of apathy from their eyes          today        they woke up from a paralysis  of non-action   they  put down their   electronic gadgetry of the age   for a moment     slipped out from beneath what    has long    kept them mesmerized … Continue reading

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