now that there is
no financial
there are
no letters
sailing up-country
from the land of
section 8 housing
someone must’ve
that those out there
were anxious
to suckle
on words
traded years back
vis a vis
sinner to sinner
batted back and forth
table tennis ravings
from lost soul
to lost soul
i told an old poet
my tittie milk is all
dried up
for that sort
of adventure
he said
me too 
i’ve completed
my journey
and now
i just
to rest
in my cranky

1 Response to Arrangements

  1. This morning
    Up too early
    Forcing eyes to focus
    On your words.

    I will soon enough
    Complete the journey.
    A boulder in the bottom
    Of my belly,

    A one-trick
    waiting to see
    If I can jump

    Through another
    Cranky hoop.

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