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all of my senses have been warmed up in this foggy morn heated through by the words, crafted finely by others more savvy at it than i… i have been visually stimulated by digital magic: a photo-stream, a poem, read … Continue reading

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slam: round one HIV/AIDS redeaux…

when the “gay cancer” hit         loss became a name of the game         friends         lovers               peers           co-workers        a generation     disappeared     those sick lost      weight   jobs    family    friends dignity         as immune systems crashed   quickly     mercilessly    aging the young    crossing brain barrier  to turn young man to old overnite    babies dying in arms … Continue reading

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this became a  place to fear a place avoided late in  night’s shadow where the necromancers danced burying the memory of words, words that once came easily reeling toward me through me begging for a mercifully joyous release… this was … Continue reading

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ocean park, ca..the first 21 years in an L.A. beach town

remembering venice at the far end of today’s flash and glam movie-set soundstage caricatures, lived the 1950’s venice beach ocean front walk          low-rent slumtown… muscle beach founding father gym rats held court     cartoon-ish weight … Continue reading

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