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4.5 minutes of your time

a small pen & ink drawing appeared in the corner of the end of your letter today a tiny man pushing a gigantic mass uphill in it i saw what this has reduced you to  and what supreme efforting it … Continue reading

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in amsterdam the orange masses celebrated the day of the queen while inside dark cafes you chose from the astounding assortment of mind-altering packages while fighting your way through sleepless, half-drunk revelers… i waited outside and watched the show streetside … Continue reading

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again: ode to a big sur conference

in october the Sun will rise again over esalen’s majestic landscapes and again, i a word beggar, tattered and weary have humbly rattled my tin-cup application submitted into cyberspace for a coveted scholarship all, while holding my breath praying for … Continue reading

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who i am not

there are no letters after my name there are no bad jokes made in my honor, post graduation from some asshole goofball shouting from the back of the room: is there a doctor in the house!  har har     … Continue reading

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reading bukowski just pisses me off

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more notes from a dirty old man or cat’s table, the new tome from ondaatje…those were the choices tonite to rock my overly-stimulated, exhausted self to sleep at bedtime…and bukowski won out.  curiosity, mostly…i always find…

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