havoc’s reach 2005

havoc arrives

pearls laying  just so on a long, white neck

dark eyes shining      behind a mardi gras mask, feathered and bejeweled

all in place            to hide her …

creative need plays on her finely tuned starvings and cravings

as she dismisses the apparent daily bread of boredom and rush-starved libido

as simple folly     an unnecessary danger   a brief mental retreat

yet, preoccupied with such unreasonable hunger,  she searches for sparks and danger

while clouds gather out her windows in the chilly night sky….

what  is this that has reached a boiling point leaving her       famished

and searching for words that heat-seek?

in silence, she begs those offering a distant challenge

to try and fill her parched throat, and tend to her thirsty soul…

havoc waits at the ready  feeling in pockets for the hidden

small knives placed just so beneath her velvet-soft cape

blades of darkness and she has unwittingly sharpened each tip

ready, in an instant, to slice out the heart of

trust and shared years from the distant eyes of one

so familiar and         so  beloved…

yet, nightly, she casts out the lines of pretend innocence into these dangerous waters

refines her avatar and continues a perfect dive into shark infested seas

all the while, feigning innocence..


smiling darkly the admission comes


(not on her life)

About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i write...to release the gamut of emotion...to tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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1 Response to havoc’s reach 2005

  1. David Garcia says:

    wow this one is going to take more than one reading…a lot here…what a fine wrought piece ………………………

    check out the line that starts w/ ‘while clouds gather our her windows….’ is that just a typo or is it …out her windows…I mean it’s nice ‘our her windows’ also…this is a poem that should be in the printed collection … and you know me and my comprehension problems and all but that is just the feeling I get on just one reading … I am so glad you are writing and putting the work out there on SHADOWDANCE ….xd.

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