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align left redeaux

align left, move to the right i am: clause defective compound sentence challenged structure/pattern destructive declarative burdened coordinating conjunction traumatized open-hyphenated ellipsed dash and dot sick the pre-packaged and standardized formulas of creative writing 101 throughout the lands makes my … Continue reading

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what happens when you trawl through m4m looking for hired help-A Poem

in an old house in forestville that was covered in vine lived a man and his sweet pooch on five acres divine vacation came and the man went away leaving two–one an old friend and the other, high-spun—in charge to … Continue reading

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havoc’s reach 2005

havoc arrives pearls laying  just so on a long, white neck dark eyes shining      behind a mardi gras mask, feathered and bejeweled all in place            to hide her … creative need plays on her finely … Continue reading

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