while standing

while standing


she watches

from the cliffs

above bodega’s


as a gray sea

tosses wind-whipped

white-caps angrily

upon each surface

only to be changed,


dissipated by


then re-forming

in the

blink of an eye…

sea lions

tossed around

like sea kelp

through wave

after wave

methodically struggle

against an ocean’s



wave to wave

toward the

mating rocks…

she watches

while standing

statue still and


hearing their

barks,  messages

delivered through

the voice of

a brutal wind:

survival isn’t always

a crystal-clear

azure sea

sleepily rocking while

floating you calmly

toward an

empty, sandy shore

waiting in the distance…

its finding your way


through rocky

impossible waters

that push you



that place you


thought would

never come again:

toward choosing life..




About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i write...to release the gamut of emotion...to tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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2 Responses to while standing

  1. Karmanot says:

    WOW, beautiful. Welcome back poet!

  2. David Garcia says:

    yes yes yes….good good good….you are doing it…you are doing it…

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