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april’s earthday

today, we are asked to celebrate the life of this sphere of humanity’s birth to praise her duration, honor her stamina give thanks to her beauty but, as we gorge her on our waste, overpopulate her in an unnatural quest … Continue reading

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while standing

while standing statue-still she watches from the cliffs above bodega’s head as a gray sea tosses wind-whipped white-caps angrily upon each surface only to be changed, then dissipated by water/wind/motion then re-forming in the blink of an eye… sea lions … Continue reading

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on our terms “without bitterness, we come and we go. …as we should.  the earth turns on its creaky old axis and give what it can and takes back what it must. why not awaken each morning thinking, ‘its a … Continue reading

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sifting through the word bin

in 2009, an invitation was extended to participate in an online writing group called the undeniables.  the gig was: set up a wordpress site and write every day.  always, every day; share it with the group, hopefully have your work … Continue reading

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