managing louie: voice to a chair

the man said (wisely)

“it don’t matter who you got sittin’ in that chair

for louie, its always only gonna be about the chair ‘cuz everyone else involved is gonna be invisible”

louie was hired like the rest of them to do a job (and expected to do it well)

unfortunately, the chair he was given was a throne

and just like jesus christ himself, he was set up on that throne

crowned prince of everything and by simple virtue of doing his gig


was set apart from the rest

although louie claimed to be humbled and touted that practice

as dangerous

his pride swelled and gave his ego unlimited free rein

“do not put false gods before you” (for they will surely fall)

so when the simple omission of his missing signature

on a holiday card

 sent him into a tailspin

his anger and ego were already poised

for a mighty and desperate fall…

‘how could this be!  i  thought i was

the fair-haired child!  the prince!  the weaver of magic and miracles like no other”, he lamented

why are my words not heeded now? 

i have placed the decree

a page from alice’s red queen’s fate: OFF WITH HER HEAD

at your feet and you tell me


that this cannot be?

(how did this happen)

i was special yet you won’t let me control this…too?

because louie found himself omitted

then ravaged from another confrontation

he decided then and there that being kicked out of the castle

would never do

his king had betrayed him!  he was certain that he could control all of it!

his king had told him so!  month after month!  to all who would listen!

(why, then, not this?)

so louie, shamed and embarrassed by

his sudden fall from power and grace

did what louie always did in the face of conflict:

he spun a logical tale, presented it to the chair

and skeddaddled outta there

as most of the emotionally incapable

are wont to do


‘do not put false gods before you’

the chair, of course

was certain that the world would end and

 needed to place accountablility

on the shoulders of louie’s most recent negative encounter

his disappointment, palapable


how ever will i replace my magician

who is to blame?

i will fix this and those responsible

i will carry my resentment on my very being

painting my exquisite mask

in the colors of silence


the chair is lying broken now

with illness

his once mighty throne, relinquished

to another

he can only sit back as his kingdom dims 

with questionable change

as he, newly preoccupied

struggles for simple


there are no louies on his horizon

but its ok

he barely cares


emotional unavailability

will always bring the louies around

they will smell your weakness

feed on you

sense it like dogs

and they too

will viscerate you, along with 

the beauty, chaos and magic

of what once..

they too will lift their legs

to piss on your shoes

staining and stinking up

 your once-glorious



leave the louies at the paper stage

forbid them in your house

if they do slip in, remember:

there is great wisdom in appreciating all


there is quiet power in forcing the children to

play well together

directing them toward each other


instead of allowing false gods

to rule you

in your house…



About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i release the gamut of tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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