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in betrayal and confusion

    founded on  principles of              love and need  it survived though a difficult birth left it reeling                from the visceral woundings   of loss       it survived          tenderly   through years            of orderly chaos all the while                     escaping the tenets of corporate america it survived                            with … Continue reading

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managing louie: voice to a chair

the man said (wisely) “it don’t matter who you got sittin’ in that chair for louie, its always only gonna be about the chair ‘cuz everyone else involved is gonna be invisible” louie was hired like the rest of them … Continue reading

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what slips out

what slips out   words that poured out in the course of a simple conversation that was filled with light and laughter have sat heavy ever since like the weight of an anvil perched dead-center on a most fragile heart … Continue reading

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