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light fixtures

it  commences as         the same old argument         idea/dream  manifests      into innocuous comment  and systemmatically is slammed            immediately out of your reality…tonite’s event    was shared across a restaurant’s table       and     in between bites        of french lamb shank           and creamy potato    we escalated    arguing     in hushed tones   and i … Continue reading

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beyond                         the                                 scope                                              and                                                    scheme                                                                of                                                                        things                                                                                        night                                                                                                       passes days              unfold                         and                                   still                    i                              remain                                                    emptied void                          of                                         light…

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no tell hotel …for marie

just south of  the heart of north beach        past trieste’s lousy sidewalk chairs   slip down grant street’s narrow merging  tip    and watch the show …   carol doda’s lightbulb nipples flashed  on and off and on 24/7  for as long as anyone can remember          their bright day-glo blood red bounces off the southern … Continue reading

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oh how this has turned              into sandbox games   with the boys and girls       you little fans            with your online shrines          your special societies          your paens sung each night         off-key and thick with your flimsy juices     dribble  from your stubbled chins           down fair tattooed necks        as you jerk … Continue reading

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LA trilogy in two parts

I. i paid the extra hundred            for a last-minute  night flight     virgin air ticket               for a  late-arriving flight           to LAX                  its     a short rental car drive to playa longa      and into the arms of old true friends         they were happy to hear  of my out-of-character request    for a spur-of-the-moment      visit             finally       they … Continue reading

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undeniably true

  undeniably true    the committment  to write        at least  one piece       within one 24 hour  timeframe  was apparently confusing for a few of the members      including the revered   proclaimed site godfather     who himself, struggled with both truth        and true time in his own … Continue reading

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into his paris

forty-five years ago i read papa hemingway     from a corner    table in the ocean park library      and i was hooked.. today   i’ve stepped back   into          his paris paying a different kind of attention..

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