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lunatic genius

your lunatic genius eyes             cackled from the doorway demanding clear thought                    and adult decision making! they yanked away at          youthful remnants of torn cloth     carefully chosen to wear       for just this occasion!      an armour of colorful skin          stretched and sagged in gravity’s wake ignoring … Continue reading

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this is crap

he wrote left as a comment by ‘anonymous’ this effacement flew through me creating a rich bile filled with dark dank chunks of this afternoon’s meal it gagged me with the  reminder that  i am a letter writer first and … Continue reading

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chicken ranching

i hear that those seriously interested in having chickens around research breeds, laying patterns, types of eggs to expect and what feed is best.  they travel to feed stores, carefully studying and picking out their feathered choices before carrying them home.  for … Continue reading

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at night now this heart beats no even tones or rhythms instead the boom snakes up my spine cementing eyes open til near-dawn

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earth rose last night 2/19/07…for the women

earth rose last night your book leaping off the shelf beckoning and i found again hidden between the beauty and the art rose the hate your hate FUCK HATE you once wrote and santa monica’s boys in black came and … Continue reading

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