swirling beneath the rubble

beneath the rubble in port o prince

a crumpled          rat pobertson, lay              struck down by the devils       

he recognized so well     they whispered his name      the hiss of a serpentine’s  call    tickled his

ear    choking breath        and life       as each  pin  placed just so    permeated and awakened the

evil’s   noxious gases   to sing        him a lullabye        his terror      alive

from the bowels of a shaking earth         a spell of vodou  cast over his empty human        shell

paralyzed     the songs       lifted him over         his beloved south    as he cried to  his god

for   rescue        from such darkness      from     such unholy     pain and   evil and this     inevitable

end                it snatched him     amid his    parched screams     unclenching his tightened hand        

still scratched and bloody from dragging him         from     the steps of his money changer’s

temple        pulling him out          from his vaults of  filthy stolen       gold       in the name of his

righteous god …              

vodou        carried him and his silent         screams   for              mercy          over a raging

sea       to the island     shaken from the belly and bowel of earth 

and  he listened       as the chants began  ‘oy yay va        oy ya y     va’      exploding his eardrums

as the hiss of a serpentine smile          buried him   in spell and whispers     

beneath the rubble       among the innocent dead…      

and when the           serpent  wrapped itself     around the fallen preacher’s neck     its tongue

penetrated into his           filthy     mouth        down throat        ripping through vocal cords that

had allowed such spewing of  repeated            cruelty and lies    silencing this voice        for good

 this evil voice…         thru lung and rib         into chest            its forked, darting    tongue      

 probed      searching     to penetrate   the vital life organ      the richness of beating        heart

only to discover           there was nothing beating   in this chest      of evil human!

 and finding such heartlessness       the serpent spit him out      and buried him among haiti’s dead

and dying    ol’ rat’s last breath   was sweet         his prayers rolling unheard amid his tears

and screams…          he suffocated     in a perfect     slow torture     

a perfect heartless death      in the rubble     as unforgiving  as he had been to others   as self-

righteous in his  lies   and cruelty        his own sorry life        ended     a swirl beneath the rubble

About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i write...to release the gamut of emotion...to tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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