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a wasted life

across the state              to the atlantic side              your family needed a reason someone or something to             blame                    for the loss of you…. they breathed a sigh of relief              when you presented your unfounded tale              accepted   your absolution and confession allowed them to hold … Continue reading

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thin skinned

this is not a game for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart… the overly-sensitive will be eaten alive chewed up and spit out like bites of rotten fruit… they will crucify you hang you on their crosses of judgment … Continue reading

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writing the empty

as the songs for haiti’s relief grip me to the bone the screen remains blank covered in tears and blood the babies cry the screams have ceased their cups remain empty

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rattlesnake dialogue

‘he couldn’t stand the idea                   that anyone else had actually  breathed in the same air as                   his idol in the old days… it drove him insane              that  he didn’t have his own personal vile of it         that precious air to take out of … Continue reading

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its not the travel or the adventure that i fear its the overwhelm and the difficulty i’m having planning portions of this  journey with ease… i now understand why most humans don’t bother ever leaving

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swirling beneath the rubble

beneath the rubble in port o prince a crumpled          rat pobertson, lay              struck down by the devils        he recognized so well     they whispered his name      the hiss of a serpentine’s  call    tickled his ear    choking breath        and life       as each  pin  placed just so    permeated and … Continue reading

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gathering for gagaku

amid pastries and coffee at the novel cafe the  men were all summoned for a thursday soiree’… four heeded the call to this meeting so named gagaku poetry society a gathering thus ordained… meeting one did commence the first one of just … Continue reading

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