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same night overheard on a fillmore bus

girl, why you let that bitch git up under your grill like that? ya’ll shoulda slapped the shit out of her dumb big-ass mouth who she think she is, steppin’ up in yo face like that bossin’ everybody around like … Continue reading

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for the sake of endings-salt to wound

with thirty-two places set at a beautiful table      two   maybe four     sat ignoring tender emotions  for the sake of history and tradition        they  circled   the offender and the offended          pretending for the sake of the day    that intense distrust and dislike  wasn’t hovering in anyone’s … Continue reading

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failing asleep at the holiday wheel

another holiday loomed ahead like a sharp curve     she slammed on brakes   tried to avoid the inevitable  skid  into the  november  downturn…  as every muscle  poised above the small square pedal of her heart  seized       she sat  in seasonal    darkness   knowing that the brakes of this … Continue reading

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speak to me

speak to me face to face my countenance to yours in person and alive so that i may see your eyes every expression   every line    each smile or grimace each shadow of pain or spark of joy or elation sit here with … Continue reading

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today, berkeley woke up! words for occupy oakland today

today        the children awoke from their        long deadened sleep     today        they rubbed the dried crumbs of apathy from their eyes          today        they woke up from a paralysis  of non-action   they  put down their   electronic gadgetry of the age   for a moment     slipped out from beneath what    has long    kept them mesmerized … Continue reading

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barely there

don’t toy with me with this shit   i’m weary and unable to speak this wait is exhausting      stop wasting your fucking time  shrunken and barely there       your distractions keep you tied to failure  the stones you described are  only weights     tied around … Continue reading

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who will write a requiem for a dead poet

ferlinghetti said of your work           “time will be the tattletale”   yet the silence as time passes screams still we lean in to listen   relying on patience    waiting for the call    poised with eyes opened wide     we wait, yes      but can we  endure tales of one human  … Continue reading

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