love letters to glenda warheelm-scamborough from dickey maily 2009

how  bad blood starts:

md: luckily the time zone setting is off so it doesn’t cut me off at midnight, I have some extra time, but I wonder what time zone it’s in because what’s behind us?

and later…

md: You got to interact with SR in Venice. And Santa Monica. What valuable insight you have.  Comical, too.  “he needed the few bucks sent for whatever….and looked forward to something other than the crack whores screamin’ at his motel zoo..”

md: Beautiful!       gws: “I always told him that I wasn’t doing this writing with him, wanting to make a buck off his blood… and I meant every word….it all was very personal for me…kinda steeped in old memories, wrapped up in a lost, but revered youth, I imagine..”

md: Yeah, there’s a great story there. Serious feeling…love.

who is scamboroughing who, dickey?

md/dm: This is an amazing letter. Poetic. Insightful. Bio indeed.
I was thinking today how RADical it would be to print a memoir written by you about knowing and corresponding with Richmond. You knew him from the Earth Books days? That is fantastic. Wait till you see Gagaku Meat. I think you’ll appreciate what went into that. What do you think about collaborating on a Richmond memoir. Your writing flows and it’s honest and zany with humor at times. So you don’t feel daunted by “writing” such a thing, here’s what I propose. Each day, sit down and fire off whatever comes to mind…

why then, did md & dm create the piercing satirical Glenda Warheelm-Scamborough. Welcome to Myrrh Key Publications, Inc.?

(ask dickey)


 who isn’t..

admitting one’s dufus tendencies is honorable

even when you are a poet-liar


About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i release the gamut of tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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