trawling across the ocean

they came

powerful in their exodus

from a tiny grecian isle..

migrating to lands across

continent after continent

they braved the taunts

grew in number

and held an unknowing power

within the family of man..


last night, i told  you

of my ancestry

a part of this elite


a lebitian..

a kinder

more gentle

much goofier


for we

that often

“have that john goodman vibe”

About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i write...to release the gamut of emotion...to tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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1 Response to lebitians

  1. John Goodman vibe.
    Flyin’ high.

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