thanks, seuss

the “crazy bitch is off her meds again”!

One for me, one for you, one for me, one for you…eennnyyy, meeeny, miney, mo!
We’re all crazy cuz of that looney ho!

It all started when…

She took her monkey to taste some wine 
Wanted candy for their noses
Sugar for his fantasies, fine!

Yes! We’ll do this, she said! 
This present for you
Will seal our mad love !  Every man wants this!
Just watch what I’ll do!

So the monkey and xprincess
Went to papas to play
Cuz the children at home
Would have been in the way!

After blowing the monkey
In front of their prey
The princess insisted
Let’s party! Let’s play!

And she had the key
To the Boy’s club upstairs
And what lowly employee
Wouldn’t want to see there!
Cuz in papa’s palace
It’s known as the hotshots’ lair!

But it all went wrong when the monkey got pissed
His girlie liked it better having her_______ kissed!
Not by him? By a girl that he forced to submission??!! OH MY!
(Of course we’ll tell this to all who will listen!)

Then he raged and he ran
And he cried like a bitch
Out of the room! To prove his manhood! and take care of his itch!
His relief and his anger
was forced on another

(unfortunately for him

the worse news for a mother)

And he thought they’d both cave
and shut up when he threatened
to pop caps in their asses
if they dared ever mention
The TRUTH or the story
to the cops or worse
“I got friends! I got homies!
Your asses be cursed”

But the monkey and bimbo
and family didn’t know
just how far & how fierce
true blood’s love will go
Money can’t buy it
But they’d never know…

So on
and on
and on ’til the day
that justice gets served
stay out of my way

Cuz taking them down
is my steady work
and crazies like me
get obsessed with this jerk
sadly relentlessly
mired in their murk

And I’ll write
and keep talking
And telling the tale
To all that will listen 

Since jail for the rapist

is the piece that went missing

and i will continue
on this twisted quest
for justice’s tainted, unholy grail

in this county? a joke at best..

So muster and bluster, call the lawyers and fuss

but the negative press won’t be bothering us

raise a glass!  toast a toast

its YOUR name that will suffer

just know that your lies

are what ruined this mother

keep an eye on the storm
keep dodging the hail
living life as the norm , as your arrogance prevails

don’t prepare for the whirlwind
and surprises I’ve found
YOUR lies and your BULLSHIT 
taking ALL OF YOU down!

So here I remain

Certifiably nuts

A mother’s sad war


the evil…




one more for me
aw hell! maybe two!
by the time its all finished
you’ll be needin’ meds too!

boycott everything korbel

About lindalou5150

as exercise or exorcism, i write...for the eyes of others, for my eyes and heart only, for the love and the rage, i release the gamut of tell the truth and say what's often thought but not written...
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